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Information on reimbursement for musicians

There are two ways for musicians and artists to receive funding for Alexander Technique lessons:

1. Reimbursement via the Bavarian Pension Fund for German Theaters

Musicians and artists can receive a medical allowance from the pension fund with a medical certificate. Up to 24 hours of Alexander Technique lessons are paid for. A doctor must issue the certificate, and it must specifically address the issue of occupational disability.

Further information: Orchestra supply

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2. Reimbursement via collecting society for the exploitation of ancillary copyrights

Artists, musicians, speakers, etc. can become members of the GVL free of charge. Each year they can apply for subsidies for social services, including Alexander Technique lessons. In this case, no medical certificate is necessary. The member must submit a cost plan drawn up by an Alexander Technique teacher before the lessons begin.

Further information: GVL

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