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Alexander Technique – realigning mind and body in the power of non-doing

29 November - 1 December 2024
Apostolate House Pallottine Hofstetten (Bavarian Forest)

The right thing does itself (…)
(FM Alexander)

In our everyday lives, effort and tension often do not lead us to the success we long for, but instead lead us into a dead end of mental and physical exhaustion, perhaps even to pain or illness. The Alexander Technique gives us the opportunity to face the challenges of our lives in a dynamic and relaxed manner. As an educational method, it teaches us how to let go of often unconscious excessive tension, reduce effort and thus achieve a new holistic efficiency and effortlessness - in the very individual and varied activities of our different life plans.

In the interests of mental, spiritual and physical health, we are called to treat ourselves well. We can be present and develop our own potential to the full. In group sessions, individual work and guided exercises, we will delve into the principles of the Alexander Technique. Alexander Technique can be learned at any age. Everyone is welcome in their current state.

Seminar fee, accommodation and meals in
Single room: 266,- €

Registration via the Pallottiner Hofstetten:
Registration form Alexander Technique seminar

Pallottine Seminar Calendar

Seminar location
Pallottine Apostolic House
Hofstetten 1
93167 Falkenstein / Opf

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